Unlocking Your Phone through a carrier officially just got easier.


Thanks to a law signed by President Obama last August, deeming it legal for mobile users in the US to unlock their phone, the Cellular Telephone Industries Association’s new standards for unlocking phones goes into effect today. The five major US carriers will now allow customers to unlock their phones at no extra charge.

When applied to an unlocked phone, the KnowRoaming SIM Sticker turns your regular phone into an intelligent dual-SIM device, letting you switch from your home SIM to the KnowRoaming global SIM whenever you travel. It’s now even easier to save up to 85% on international roaming.

Ready to get unlocked? You can look up each carriers’ unlocking policies below:




US Cellular


Via. The Next Web.

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How To Make The Most Of Your Data While Roaming

Looking to keep your data usage in check when you travel the world? Want to make sure that those megabytes are for your Instagram posts and not spent accidentally downloading a week’s worth of emails?

At KnowRoaming, we know how important data is to travelers. Whether you are keeping in touch with business back home, or enjoying the latest from your Twitter feed, making the most out of your data, and saving money while you roam, is easy if you follow these tips.


*image via Wikipedia Commons


Tip 1: Set your apps to automatically update only over Wi-Fi.

Apps are constantly updated by their developers to ensure the best possible user experience; efficient for customers, but possibly murderous to your data rates. In some cases these updates could be costing you upwards of 100mb in precious data.

Avoid balance drain by setting your apps to update only over Wi-Fi, and try and take advantage of hotspots or hotel Wi-Fi. Here are a 10 cities that offer the best free Wi-Fi in the world.

Android users go into Google Play Store > Select Google Play Store Settings > Select Auto-update apps > Select Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only.


iPhone users go into iPhone settings > Select iTunes & App Store > Disable Use Cellular Data. Also, Music, Apps, Books, and Updates can be disabled under Automatic Downloads.



Tip 2: Narrow down apps that absolutely need cellular data

Not all apps are created equal, at least not while you’re traveling. It’s likely you’ll use messaging, e-mail, maps, and social media apps, but take a moment before you leave to limit some of the less-essential background apps, and instruct them not to use cellular data when they are open.

Take a look at some of the best new travel apps, from packing, to private planes, these apps accommodate even the most eccentric traveler – just be sure to check your settings.

Android users go into Settings > Select Data Usage > Click on the app that you want to instruct not to use cellular data > Check the box that says “Restrict background data.”


For iPhone users this can be done by going to your iPhone Settings > Click on Cellular > Scroll down to “Use Cellular Data For:” > Disable the appropriate apps.


Tip 3: Close apps running in the background.

Many smartphone users are unaware that merely pressing the Home button on your phone does not close the app properly. Apps will run in the background of your phone’s operating system the same way that minimizing your Internet browser while running a YouTube video won’t stop the video. The “background apps” may pull data so that they are up to date when you re-open them. In order to ensure you are closing your apps correctly, and preventing unwanted “background apps” from using data, follow these steps:

Android users hold Home button for more than 1 second. All your opened apps will be displayed. You can choose specific apps by swiping the app to the right or you can close all the apps by clicking on the ‘x’ button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.


iPhone users double click the Home button. All the “background apps” will appear. Swipe left and right across the screen to view all the apps, and swipe up over the specific app to close it.


Tip 4: Manually check your e-mails.

E-mails can use a lot of data if they contain files with big attachments. Usually, your e-mail settings are set to automatically check for, and download, new e-mails. If you want to change these settings so that you can check e-mails at a time that’s best for you, maybe in a hotspot or Wi-Fi enabled area, for example, all you have to do is set your e-mail settings to “check manually”.

Android users – every email client is a little different when it comes to manual versus automatic syncing of your emails. Look in the settings of your email for an option to disable push notifications, switch to manual syncing or manual updating, or for a switch to turn off auto-syncing or auto-updating.

iPhone users go to iPhone Settings > Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Under Accounts select Fetch New Data > Disable Push > Scroll down to “Fetch” > Select Manually. Then click on your email accounts that you want to be checked manually.


Tip 5: Take advantage of KnowRoaming’s unlimited plan.

Don’t want to worry about running up a data tab while traveling? Check out KnowRoaming Unlimited; an unlimited data package that provides KnowRoaming customers with unlimited data in 55 countries for $7.99 a day.

For more great travel tips, explore the video page for helpful tutorials; follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook to learn more.

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KnowRoaming At CES 2015

KnowRoaming_CES2015_TeamThe KnowRoaming team had such an amazing time at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week. Old customers and new made it to our booth in Eureka Park and it was so awesome getting to see our SIM Stickers in action!

@waynesworld@a_moudryYou can see us next at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and get your own KnowRoaming SIM Sticker before you travel!

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KnowRoaming Rings in the #YearOfRoaming With Free Unlimited Data on NYE

2015 is the year of no more waiting for a WiFi connection to use your phone, no more bill-shock from exorbitant roaming fees and no more time wasted searching for local SIM cards. KnowRoaming allows you to travel smarter this year – and this is a New Year’s resolution that will actually stick!

To kick-off the #YearOfRoaming with a bang, we surprised our customers traveling and using KnowRoaming on New Year’s Eve with 24 hours of free Unlimited Data!

Our Customers were traveling in locations across the globe, celebrating the New Year and using their free Unlimited Data to stay connected.  In total, our customers used over 24 gigabytes of data!

Blogger Jay Strut was blown away by our New Year’s gift, using 700 megabytes of data in just 24 hours and tweeting his excitement to his followers.

Jay Data Tweet

While in Thailand, South Africa, Spain, Mexico, and more incredible destinations, KnowRoaming Customers used their free Unlimited Data to share photos of how they rang in 2015 along with their KnowRoaming sticker.

NYE year of roaming collage copy

The #YearOfRoaming has just begun. Stay tuned for more surprises and giveaways, coming soon!

The KnowRoaming Team will be at Consumer Electronics Show 2015 (CES), at booth 75525 in Eureka Park from Jan. 6 – 9. Come meet the team and try a KnowRoaming SIM Sticker!

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My KnowRoaming Story

Here’s something to fuel your wanderlust: an amazing video log from Brian, a KnowRoaming customer and the winner of our #MyKnowRoamingStory challenge.



Brian’s traveling the world, and staying connected with his KnowRoaming SIM Sticker.


“I am happy to be able to put it to the test during my world tour. I’ve taken my KnowRoaming sticker through the US, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Israel and more to come. I’m also happy to say that it has worked in all those countries. It has proven to be an easy and cheap way of staying connected, wherever your travels may take you. “


Stay tuned for the next #KnowRoaming contest!

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So Long SIM Swapping… KnowRoaming SIM Sticker Now On Sale!

After a successful 12-month beta testing period, and the valuable feedback of thousands of beta customers, we’ve opened sales to the world. You too can know how to roam.

The KnowRoaming SIM sticker automatically connects all unlocked GSM iOS, Android and Windows Mobile phones, tablets and SIM cards to local wireless carriers, providing reduced voice, data and text roaming rates up to 85% when traveling abroad in 200 countries and territories using KnowRoaming’s Virtual SIM Technology.

The KnowRoaming SIM sticker is available today for $29.99.  Shipping is free to the United States, Canada and the UK. Anyone who registers his or her KnowRoaming sticker within 15 days of receiving it will receive a free $15 KnowRoaming account credit.

Explore the video page for helpful tutorials; follow us on Twitter; and like us on Facebook; to learn more.


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As of Today, You KnowRoaming

Today is a very exciting day here at the KnowRoaming offices and in the history of mobile communications as we have begun shipping KnowRoaming stickers to the first 500 customers.

shipping 1

All customers who pre-ordered from KnowRoaming.com will receive a KnowRoaming smart sticker, KnowRoaming applicator and an instruction manual on how to install and set up your KnowRoaming sticker on your device.

applicator 1

We would like to thank all of our customers for their support and patience. Without you, a future without roaming bill shock would not be possible.

We’d also like to thank the dedicated team here at KnowRoaming who have worked tirelessly to develop, manufacture, market and deliver KnowRoaming to you.

If at any time you have questions about using KnowRoaming or just want to tell us how much KnowRoaming has saved you on roaming charges or made it easier to communicate when traveling abroad, please contact me at info@knowroaming.com.

We KnowRoaming and as of today, you KnowRoaming.

-Greg Gundelfinger, CEO

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Guide to Tipping Around the World by KnowRoaming

Photo Credit: http://money.usnews.com/

When planning a trip, most seasoned travelers spend countless hours planning every aspect of the trip, from sights to visit and restaurants to eat at. But with all that planning, it can be easy to forget some of the smaller details, like how much you should be tipping while you’re out of the country. Or should you even tip at all? Don’t worry! We have your back. This one-stop guide tells you just how much you should be tipping, anywhere in the world.

Africa & Middle East

Always check the bill to see if gratuity is included but, if it’s not, 10% is standard in this region.


Tipping throughout Asia is starting to become a little more acceptable, whereas in the past it was not and was sometimes even considered rude. In China, particularly in Hong Kong, if you decide to tip, 5–10% is the norm. But if traveling to Japan, don’t feel obligated; it’s still generally an unpracticed custom there. When at a bar in either China or Japan, tipping bartenders is not generally done, but elsewhere in Asia, aim for about 10%.

Australia & New Zealand

Tipping isn’t generally practiced here, but if you have an exceptionally pleasant experience, there’s nothing wrong with adding on an extra 5 or 10% to your bill. At bars, tipping is completely unexpected.


Most wait staff throughout Europe make a living wage, so tipping is at your discretion. (And occasionally will be automatically added to your bill, anyway.) If gratuity is automatically added, an extra 5% is a nice gesture for good service; if not, 10% is fine. Also, be warned: in Germany, it’s considered rude if you leave the tip on the table, so be sure to hand it directly to your waiter. At bars, tips aren’t necessary, but feel free to leave a little something.

Mexico & the Caribbean

Like the U.S., many restaurant workers in both Mexico and the Caribbean rely on their tips to make a living salary. Most resort locations will add the gratuity to the check, but when it’s left up to you, 15% is the norm.

South America

10% is the standard to tip in South America, but always double-check your bill. While some South American countries, like Argentina and Uruguay, tend to leave the gratuity up to the customer, others, like Brazil and Peru, will add it to the bill.

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Best and Worst Airports in America

Best and Worst Airports in America

We all hate flight delays and waiting hours between connecting flights, but if you’re at the right airport in can make all the difference.

Here are just a few best and worst airports in America just in case you get stuck deciding which airport to fly into one day.

Newark Liberty Airport (EWR), in Newark New Jersey comes in as the 4th worst airport in America. It’s outdated terminals, lack of food and shops, lengthy lines and countless delays make it one of the worst airports on the list. newark
Indianapolis Airport (IND) comes in at No. 5, on the list of America’s Best Airports. Completed in 2008 the beautiful new airport has already won multiple awards for its innovative design. The newly constructed modern airport offers free Wi-Fi and charging stations throughout its terminals. indianapolis

Check out these articles from Travel+Leisure for the complete list of best and worst airports in America: Worst , Best

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How To Get Great Service While Traveling

When you’re traveling, getting great service can make or break your trip. This Travel + Leisure article suggests certain behaviors that may improve your overall experience with very little effort. It recommends things like dressing up, smiling and finding freebies as ways to ensure you receive great service when traveling.


Check out the full article “Travel Tips: How to Get Great Service“ on Travel+Leisure: http://www.travelandleisure.com/articles/travel-tips-how-to-get-great-service#

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