KnowRoaming Does Cannes

My KnowRoaming Story: Amazing travel stories from our KnowRoaming customers as they explore the globe and stay connected with the KnowRoaming SIM Sticker

Jake is a freelance journalist and KnowRoaming user. No stranger to covering international film festivals, he’s using KnowRoaming as he covers the 68th Cannes Film Festival.



Because of KnowRoaming’s incredibly affordable unlimited data packages, my trip to the 68th Cannes Film Festival was made 100% more enjoyable. As a journalist that needs constant access to the internet, KnowRoaming let me comfortably and reliably check my work emails on the fly, read tweets related to films that had debuted here, and stay in the loop when screenings would change without warning.


Many festival-goers, when they are trying to get a cell phone for the festival, opt for unbelievably expensive on-site mobile solutions that often cost hundreds of dollars – and none of these services offer unlimited data. Consider that Orange Mobile offers a Festival Special, where for €50 you get 200 text messages, 60 minutes of calls, and absolutely zero data.




200 texts goes by way too quickly, and data is essential.  Because when you’re at an event where time is everything, there’s no price more expensive than spotty cell service, and my colleagues have been quick to ask how I am able to upload video, download apps, and use the internet like I would at home without being afraid of an astronomical phone bill.


KnowRoaming’s global SIM sticker was a cinch to install, and I was all set and ready to go for my trip within minutes. I made an account, filled it with a relatively nominal amount of money before I hopped on a plane, and when I turned on my phone after each flight I was greeted with a warm message with relevant information. At this point, I can’t imagine ever again going to another country simply to to worry about buying a local SIM, figuring out an unfair rate with my home carrier, or buying an expensive pay-as-you-go burner mobile. Because of KnowRoaming, I knew total freedom. Because of KnowRoaming, I knew the Cannes Film Festival.




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New: KnowRoaming Voicemail – Continuing to keep you connected while abroad

Good news for all existing KnowRoaming customers – we’ve just overhauled our voicemail system and made it easier than ever to stay connected.

Now instead of having to dial 605 to access your KnowRoaming voicemail you can access your voicemails through the KnowRoaming app. No calls required.


How it Works:

  1. You’ll receive an SMS when you have a new voicemail in your inbox – you can click the link to take you to the voicemail KnowRoaming app, or…
  2. You can manually go to the app, and under the More tab, select Voicemail.
  3. Your voicemails will have the number of the caller, the date and timestamp.
  4. Click on the entry, the voicemail will download (over data or Wi-Fi) and you can listen to the voicemail (replay options, too).
  5. When you’re done, delete old voicemails by clicking on the trashcan.

Voicemail functionality was something our customers had been asking for, and we’re pumped to be able to deliver.

Find out more info here, and follow us on Twitter, or like us on Facebook to stay up to date on all KnowRoaming has to offer.


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My KnowRoaming Story

Amazing travel stories from our KnowRoaming customers as they explore the globe and stay connected with the KnowRoaming SIM Sticker

Julian is a Senior First Officer for South African Airways. He’s traveled the world, and knows how hard it can be to stay connected while working so far from home.

“As an airline pilot traveling to all corners of the world being in contact is no longer a luxury but a necessity”. Already having tried other roaming options, Julian says he finally “found the answer in KnowRoaming.”

unnamed (1)

No longer do I have to look for a Starbucks in New York or a coffee shop in Hong Kong for free Wi-Fi as KnowRoaming lets me use my cellphone or iPad just as if I was at home. Data and phone calls at local rates keeps me in contact with work and loved ones.

 Cellphone coverage has been fantastic and I’ve been covered in every country I’ve been to in the last year. Gone are the days when I needed to carry packs of local SIM cards for every destination. With KnowRoaming, the ability to receive calls on my local home cell number any where in the world is a huge benefit.

Their app keeps me up to date on my spending habits and shows me the latest call/data rates for every country. No more nasty surprises on my cellphone account with exorbitant roaming charges. My bill has dropped by 90%.

The best part of KnowRoaming—It’s all prepaid. NO contracts.

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Unlocking Your Phone: How to get more out of your Smartphone

3. KR_Artical Images (1)

If you’re a Canadian or US smartphone user looking for an international roaming solution, chances are you’ve encountered the problem of locked phones.

A locked phone is the term used to describe what cellular service providers do to ensure the phone they sell you can only be used on their network. They instruct the cell phone manufacturers to lock the phone with software before the device leaves the factory, so it arrives in stores tied to a specific network.

A user with a locked phone would not be able to swap SIMs, switch networks, or use KnowRoaming, because their phone will only operate with the original cellular provider.  If you want to use your phone with other SIMs or networks, you’ll need to unlock your phone.

We know unlocking can still seem confusing, so KnowRoaming is here to help.


3 Common Myths About Unlocking Your Phone


1. It’s illegal

It’s a common misconception that unlocking your phone is illegal. Unsurprisingly, mobile phone companies haven’t been quick to bust this myth. But rest assured, unlocking your phone is completely legal in the US and Canada. Under the CRTC’s new Wireless Code in Canada, you can unlock a subsidized phone 90 days after purchase, and if you’ve paid the full cost of your phone upfront, you can unlock it immediately. For Americans, the Consumer Code for Wireless Services dictated that carriers must unlock phones upon request, or they must provide customers the info to have the phone unlocked elsewhere.


2. It “breaks” your phone or changes the operating system

This one persists because the terms “unlocking” and “jailbreaking” are often confused. Unlocking refers to removing the network restrictions so that the phone can be used with a SIM card from a different network. Phone unlocking is not the same thing as “jailbreaking.” Unlocking simply allows for you to use a different mobile network with your phone. Jailbreaking refers to removing the standard operating system restrictions on iOS devices, allowing you to download non-standard or unofficial software.


3. It’s technically difficult and complicated

It’s actually easier than ever. You can unlock your cell phone with UnlockBase. UnlockBase has provided phone-unlocking services for over 10 years for a wide range of popular devices.


Unlocking your phone means you have more options. You can use your smartphone when you travel, or choose the carrier that is right for you. For more information about the rules and regulations around unlocking, US consumers can visit the CTIA, and Canadians can read the full code at the CRTC’s site. For more info on unlocking, visit UnlockBase.


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Tell us: Where should we lower our rates?

At KnowRoaming, we’re constantly improving our pay-as-you-go data and calling rates. Now we’re asking you: where would you most like to see a rate drop?


We know how roaming charges can stack up for frequent travellers, and lead to hefty phone bills when you return home. When KnowRoaming began, we wanted to provide a convenient, transparent way to roam all over the world, and our affordable pay-as-you-go-rates are a big part of that. We’re always working to secure better and better rates for our customers, and this summer we hope to make it even more affordable to stay connected while traveling the world with your smartphone.

Traveling to Costa Rica this summer? Looking to do a lot of business in Taipei? Tells us where a decrease in roaming rates would make the biggest difference. Leave a comment, visit our Facebook page, or tweet us @KnowRoaming with #roamingsummer

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Become a KnowRoaming Athlete

Today KnowRoaming kicks off KnowRoaming Athletes, a roaming sponsorship and referral program for athletes who travel.

shutterstock_144640304 copy

KnowRoaming Athletes is a sponsorship and referral program where chosen athletes will partner with KnowRoaming to save big on international data, voice, and text usage when they travel.

“We want to support athletes who are busy training and competing away from home–by making roaming easy and affordable” said KnowRoaming CEO Gregory Gundelfinger. “KnowRoaming’s SIM Sticker is a seamless way to do that. It drastically reduces international roaming fees, and will allow athletes to stay focused on what’s important: excelling in their sport.”

Submissions are now open for all athletes until May 30, 2015. The selected KnowRoaming Athletes will receive a free KnowRoaming SIM Sticker, free roaming on their next international trip, and further collaborations, including our referral and sponsorship programs, to help these athletes stay connected as they travel the world to achieve their goals.

Learn more and apply at 

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My KnowRoaming Story

Amazing travel stories from our KnowRoaming customers as they explore the globe and stay connected with the KnowRoaming SIM Sticker

Peter and Laura from Ontario, Canada, share a breathtaking hot air balloon ride down the Cappadocia region of central Turkey.

015BL48 copy

“Fear of falling is a pretty basic human response, but so is trying to get the best view you can. On our last trip to Turkey we had the chance visit Cappadocia, home to some of the greatest views, as well as the largest number of hot air balloons, in the world. Our desire to take in the famous landscape won out over our survival instincts, and one early autumn morning we took to the skies.

Up up and away

We arrive at the take-off point just before 6 AM. The darkness is lit by the many balloons heating up and before you can change your mind you’re helped into the basket with about 20 other passengers and of course, your pilot.


Other than some “oohs” and “aahs” from your fellow balloonists, and the sporadic sound of the gas burners, it is truly a soundless voyage. The winds are very light and change direction every 50 metres or so. It gives our pilot quite a measure of control as we criss-cross over the landscape in a sea of about 60 or 70 other balloons.

For an hour or so you just drift back and forth and up and down. Hard to tell for sure, we may have reached 300 meters, but most of the time we were between 100 and 200 meters above the ground. Filled with ridges and gullies and mountain outcrops, the height varied very quickly.

Roaming in the air

KnowRoaming had been great for us this holiday and it only got better. This was the ace in the hole: even in a hot air balloon over the caves of Cappadocia I was able to take photos on my phone and send it to everyone right away. The other passengers were totally amazed that I was able to do this. They all were talking of putting pictures on Facebook when they got back to the hotel. We didn’t have to wait for the hotel Wi-Fi to share our amazing experience. Just like throughout our tour of Turkey, we were able to stay connected even while floating 200 meters in the air.


Alas, the hour passed very quickly and we descend to our landing site. Upon the instruction from our trusty pilot we take our landing positions and await impact. It was all somewhat anti-climactic, as he puts the balloon down right on the trailer bed of our chase vehicle.

015BL37 copy

All that’s left is a glass of champagne, congrats all round, and posing for pics with the pilot and our fellow balloonists!”

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A Foodie’s Guide to Travel

For a lot of world travellers memorable meals and unique dining experiences are a key part to any great trip. Next time you travel, avoid tourist trap restaurants and disappointing food by following these helpful foodie hints.

Eating Well Before Your Flight

Here’s something to keep in mind on your next layover; Condé Nast Traveler has compiled a list of the best airport restaurants in the world. Brisket in Dallas’ Fort Worth, Oysters in San Francisco SFO, and chili crabs in Singapore Changii—these  meals almost make the security line worth it.

Eating before you get on a flight can also maximize your sleep time. Instead of waiting for middling in-flight meals on transatlantic flights, start your journey full and avoid deplaning tired, bloated, and a little hung-over from the complimentary wine.

Plan Your Trip Around The World’s Best Restaurants

Every year, The Diners Club® brings together 900 “trusted and well-traveled gourmets” to pick the world’s 50 best restaurants. This year’s winner is the Danish Noma; Revolutionaries in Nordic cuisine, who, per their website, “look to our landscape and delve into our ingredients and culture, hoping to rediscover our history and shape our future.”


*via Wikimedia Commons

Having spent the last 9 years in the top tier of the Best list, Noma is renowned for their innovative, flavourful cuisine mined from every aspect of the Scandinavian Landscape. Dishes are noted to be varied and memorable – such as a dish of beef tartar and ants – and stands as a destination in itself.

 See the full list of winners here, and start planning your next foodie vacation


Eat Like Locals

*via Wikimedia Commons

You can still enjoy incredible food in any city without splurging on Michelin-starred restaurants. Just do as the locals do. Street food, both trendy and delicious, is a great way to get a taste of the flavours unique to any city. Travel + Leisure has a great guide to safely enjoy local cuisine from Bangkok to Bogotá.

But if you really want to get a sense of the city, take a tip from foodie traveler superstar Anthony Bourdain, and visit the city’s markets:

“When I’m in a city that’s new to me, I try to go to the central market very early in my trip. I’ll go at 6 a.m., when people are shopping for businesses. You get to see what people buy and really eat.” Read the full interview here.

DSCN1623 copy

Know Your Apps

 Take advantage of your KnowRoaming data, and pull up these apps to find your next great meal.

Yelp is invaluable in North American cities. Using the GPS and “open now” functions can prevent disappointing meals in a strange city when you’re desperate to get fed, even before you find your hotel. Often the key to kicking jet lag is a good meal, and a solid sleep.

While Yelp has a wealth of user reviews and profiles in North America, TripAdvisor is essential for an English-speaking traveler in Europe. It’s easy to search by cuisine and prices, and the large community of users can steer you in the right culinary direction.

IMG_20150208_132301 copy

Have more great foodie travel tips? Share them in the comments, or tweet us at @knowroaming

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New Multi-day Unlimited Data Packages Now Available

You asked and we delivered. We’re happy to announce that we’ve just expanded our offering of Unlimited Data Packages. Customers can now purchase unlimited data packages for 1, 3, or 7 days.  Available in over 55 countries, multi-day data packages can be purchased through the app and activated when you need them.  Stop counting megabytes and start traveling worry-free.


Just like the 24 hour package, the 3 day and 7 day packages cannot be stopped or put on hold once activated, so once you’ve activated the package, you’ll enjoy unlimited data until their time runs out.

3 Day and 7 Day Unlimited Data packages are now available on the iPhone, Android and Web KnowRoaming Apps.


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Unlocking Your Phone Through a Carrier Officially Just Got Easier


Thanks to a law signed by President Obama last August, deeming it legal for mobile users in the US to unlock their phone, the Cellular Telephone Industries Association’s new standards for unlocking phones goes into effect today. The five major US carriers will now allow customers to unlock their phones at no extra charge.

When applied to an unlocked phone, the KnowRoaming SIM Sticker turns your regular phone into an intelligent dual-SIM device, letting you switch from your home SIM to the KnowRoaming global SIM whenever you travel. It’s now even easier to save up to 85% on international roaming.

Ready to get unlocked? You can look up each carriers’ unlocking policies below:




US Cellular


Via. The Next Web.

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