Travel Tips

    How to keep your device secure while traveling


    The thought of losing your phone can be a nightmare. Our phones hold information about us that our best friends probably don’t even know. So you should always have some protective measures in place for your phone and the information on it—especially when you travel. Check out our tips below! Note: All tips listed here for mobile phones can also be used to keep your tablets safe.   Create bulletproof passwords There’s a good reason most sites ask you to…

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    How to get unlimited data in the Caribbean

    Heading down south for the winter? We’re here to make sure you don’t get burned by roaming fees. Enjoy a truly all-inclusive, relaxing trip with KnowRoaming’s new Unlimited Data packages in…

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    KnowRoaming Stories


    What is your favourite place you’ve traveled to? Our users have traveled all over the world on all kinds of adventures. It’s our privilege to help you roam, and we love it…

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    KnowRoaming Stories

    #LetsRoam: Waterskiing in Spain

    My KnowRoaming Story: Amazing travel stories from our KnowRoaming customers as they explore the globe and stay connected with the KnowRoaming SIM Sticker We love helping people pursue their passions. Which is why…

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    Travel Tips

    The truth about roaming solutions

    It’s a no-brainer that our phones are our lifelines. So when it comes to traveling, anxiety starts to set in: Do I have to leave my phone turned off? But what…